Internet Controller - FAQ - Uninstall

The Internet has become an impenetrable jungle that makes searching and finding information increasingly risky. This is why we created Internet Controller.

Internet Controller is a great tool to help you improve the quality of your Internet browsing.
Super Controller is designed to provide you with quality results when you perform an action on the Internet.
Super Controller ensures you avoid sites publishing virii, adware, spyware, spam, malware and other threats. It is of course itself guaranteed without virus, adware, spyware, malware or spam.

The purpose

This software has been designed to allow you to view information about the quality of the sites you visit. It controls the sites you’re browsing, and notifies you if the site is classified as "trusted" or if it is dangerous, in which case Internet Controller will prevent you from accessing it.

Internet Controller is based on a whitelist and blacklist, which you can customize at your convenience! You can even use it as your parental control system, by managing the custom blacklist.

Note: The original version called "Net Controller" was replaced by "Super Controller" to avoid confusion with the same name being called "Net Controller" virus.

How it is working:

While browsing, if you reach a whitelisted site, you will be notified by a balloon that the site is safe.

However, if you try to go on a banned site, it will be blocked and you will appear instead an explanatory webpage.

What you can do:

You can access to the application by right-clicking the icon in the Windows system tray.

- Set the access password to the software management window when first opening.
WARNING: do not forget this password! For security reasons it is not possible to reset it. You will be asked each time you open the application.

- Change the language by selecting the language of your choice from those. By default, Super Controller works in the language of your operating system.

- Disable notifications for trusted sites. Each time you browse a site belonging to our list or your personal list, the application notifies you by a balloon that you can navigate through this site with confidence. However, you can find this bubbles intrusive and annoying: disable them in this case.

Note: You can also do this directly by checking the box "Hide these alerts' in the tooltip.

- Add a site to your personal whitelist: To do so click on the button 'Add', and type the domain that you want.

- Delete a site of your custom whitelist, by selecting it in your list, and clicking the 'Remove' button

- Add a site to your personal blacklist: To do so click on the 'Add' button.

- Delete a site of your custom blacklist by selecting it in your list, and clicking the 'Remove' button

NOTE: free version, Internet Controller is limited to 5 sites in your custom whitelist, and 5 sites in your personal blacklist.
Get the Premium version for more features.